Open 7 days a week!
Hours: 6AM - 10PM Last wash at 9PM.
Closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas
Early Close on 4th of July and New Years Eve

24 Hour surveillance.

Change and soap machines on site.

Customer bathroom.

Free Wi-Fi.

Services We Offer

This location does not have an on site attendent, however one may be provided in the future.

This location has multiple sizes of washing machines and dryers to handle any size load, including large articles such as blankets and comforters.

We have a soap dispensing machine regularly stocked with most major detergent brands and a change machine on site

Machine Pricing

We offer variable price washing machines. The temperature at which you wash will determine cost. Hot water washes are the highest costing, and cold water washes are the economy cycle.

Washer Settings


20# Washers: $2.00 - $3.50

40# Washers: $5.25 - $6.25

60# Washers: $6.75 - $8.25

30# Dryers: $1.00 for first 12 minutes/$.25 for each additional 4 minutes

75# Dryers: $1.50 for first 15 minutes/$.25 for each additional 3 minutes.