Open 7 days a week!
Hours: 6AM - 10PM Last wash at 9PM.
Closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas
Early Close on 4th of July and New Years Eve

24 Hour surveillance.

Change and soap machines on site.

Customer bathroom.

Free Wi-Fi.


























We understand that waiting for your laundry to finish can be boring. For the reason, we provide you a healthy selection of entertainment and refreshment options to keep you busy while you wait.

Television with remote control

Our 40" television allows you to watch your favorite shows while you wash. We have provided a remote control so that you can change channels and volume as you with. However when it comes to what programming is playing, remember that the majority rules.

Free Wi-Fi

This location offers Free Wi-Fi! Great for those who want to work while you wait, update your Facebook page, or just surf the web to kill time. Please keep the content family safe.
To connect to our free Wi-Fi: Connect the the network named "Arlington Laundry Station" and use the password dirtylaundry.

Bulletin Board (COMING SOON)
bulletin board

We will be putting up a bulleting board soon that will allow you to post your business cards, advertisements or notes for others to see, and to read what others have posted.

Snack and Soda Machines
snacks and soda

We offer snack and soda machines to keep you refreshed throughout your entire visit. Sodas are $.75 and snacks range from $.50 to $1.00.