Open 7 days a week!
Hours: 6AM - 10PM Last wash at 9PM.
Closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas
Early Close on 4th of July and New Years Eve

24 Hour surveillance.

Change and soap machines on site.

Customer bathroom.

Free Wi-Fi.









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Day Destination!

Conveniently located off North Olympic Avenue in Downtown Arlington, we're "Your Laundry Day Destination!" We offer 20lb, 40lb, and 60lb washing machines as well as 30lb and 75lb dryers to cover all of your laundry needs. Our rates for each can be found here.


Don't be bored while doing your laundry.

Need entertainment while you wash? We have a 40" TV with remote control, snack and soda machines, free Wi-Fi, and a bulletin board to keep your busy while you wait. Laundry shouldn't have to be boring, and at Arlington Laundry Station, it won't be!

Your Comfort and Safety are our #1 concerns.

If you observe any illegal activity, including transient persons attempting to panhandle, call 911 or contact the owner at (425) 232-1081. This establishment has a standing "No Tresspass" order filed with local authorities.